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Up to 31% discount off! Convert text to image or multiple text files into graphics and images Coupon Code

Easily convert text into an image, or multiple text files into images, with this great software! Do you have a bunch of text files that you want converted to images? Perhaps you want to put some important text on a website, but don’t want someone else able to easily take it and put it on there own. Or perhaps you have a list of e-mail addresses you want to list on your website, but don’t want spam harvesting applications able to get them. Whatever your need, if you need text converted into an image, this software can do it for you! This software: Extremely Easy To Use: Easily select the images you want converted into images. Selecting individual files, groups of files, or multiple directories with recursion. Only a couple clicks of the button! Flexible and Customizable to your needs: Once you have your text files selected, customize various options, such as how it should look, such as what color it should be, the background color, plus much more! Plus, it works quickly! It can easily process large numbers of files. So you simply point and click, and when the software is done, you will have a number of image files that were converted from text, and you can upload it to your website, DVD, or do whatever you need with it! Try this software now, and see for yourself just how cool it is and how well it works! And start using this batch text to image converter now!


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31% off! (Limited Time Offer) Coupon Code for Convert text to image or multiple text files into graphics and images


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