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Up to 31% discount off! Convert BMP to JPG JPEG in batch or mass conversion Coupon Code

If you have a bunch of bitmap files (BMP) just sitting around that you need converted to JPG, what better way to do it with than a mass BMP to JPG converter? With this software, you can easily:Select multiple BMP to convert to JPGs in seconds! Using the easy to use interface, you can easily convert from bmp to jpg in a matter of seconds with a couple clicks of the mouse! Ability to copy all converted bitmap graphics into jpg/jpeg into one directory! If you are looking at a collection of bitmap files you’ve downloaded off the net, or have bitmap files scattered across your harddrive, then this tool will easily let you group all those files into one easy to use/search directory! Ability to specify the quality of JPG output files! Control the quality, so you can either optimize for precision, or optimize for disk space and reduce the file size of the bitmaps immensely! Plus much more! Download this software now, and learn how to convert from bmp to jpg in batch immediately! Get the software now!


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31% off! (Limited Time Offer) Coupon Code for Convert BMP to JPG JPEG in batch or mass conversion


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