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Actual Planner is a powerful electronic organizer. Actual Planner allows you to schedule tasks, generate your personal schedule, maintain your address book, keep your blog and a lot more. Actual Planner is a program for active, purposeful and modern people. The Actual Planner electronic organizer offers you wide features allowing you to control your personal and business time, keep all contacts in a convenient address book, take brief notes in a special section of the program, etc. We are particularly proud that it is possible to keep a personal blog in Actual Planner. But that’s not the most important thing, Actual Planner is a perfect tool for keeping a network blog! With Actual Planner, you can describe interesting events in your life and then easily publish your notes on the Internet. It is really convenient to use Actual Planner. All personal data (tasks, contacts, notes, diary) is stored in one file that you can easily save and use on your home and office computer. Using only Actual Planner, you can at least: – Create tasks, see your personal schedule for the selected date or use the built-in calendar to generate a sequence of tasks for a week, for a month or for today. – Save all necessary phone numbers, e-mail addresses and other contact information about your business partners, friends and relatives. – Take simple notes that can contain any information you like, from the addresses of your favorite web pages to famous people’s quotations. – Keep your personal blog adding photos and pictures to it and then publish separate blog pages on the most popular Internet blog sites. Actual Planner Save Your Time!


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