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Up to 26% discount off! Dupehunter Professional - 1 Year Updates Coupon Code

Dupehunter Professional is an innovative search program to identify duplicated files on personal computers or in a network. Dupehunter Professional has a well-considered basis and offers a high degree of flexibility. It is an excellent tool, not only for private users but also in companies – hence called “professional”. You will benefit from our long experience gathered with its predecessor programs and in the development of the current version. File types are unlimited, exact definition and search according to date and time, size, attributes and contents are included in this program, as in the choice of folders/directories or drives, system-wide or within whole networks. Any search you select can be stored as a “Job” an re-loaded at any time. Dupehunter Professional offers safety functions protecting you from unauthorized users and from data loss. You have recycling bin support. Dupehunter is a unique program to offer tracing specific original documents. You can use Dupehunter to spot weak spots in your company, locating (protected) files that have been stored illegally. It does not matter at all whether files have been re-named, hidden, given attributes or system-protected. Dupehunter operates with calculations of 32 bit checksums, 128 bit MD5 hashes or 160 bit SHA-1 hashes and is able to identify duplicate documents, pictures, programs etc. At present, Dupehunter is bilingual, i.e. interface and (!) on-line help are available both in German and English. The Dupehunter package is complemented by an excluded files list and the option of specific selection of single files in the result tree. You will have the use of implemented printing and export functions. Strong encryption acc. to AES Rijndael and Blowfish. Wiping of files acc. to Gutmann or US-DoD 5220-22.M. Dupehunter Professional is offered as Shareware. Its price is very favourable, all updated versions are free. Why don`t you try Dupehunter for 30 days?


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